WoundSeal Powder + Applicator 4 ea

WoundSeal Powder + Applicator 4 ea

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Stop Bleeding Instantly!

  • With special applicator for hard-to-reach wounds
  • New!
  • Proven safe and effective for people on blood thinners


WoundSeal for Nosebleeds is a topical powder that stops nosebleeds and bleeding from other hard-to-reach wounds:

  • Stops bleeding instantly
  • Forms a seal over the bleeding site-seal stays in place until wound heals
  • Works for people on blood thinners or with special bleeding or vessel disorders
  • Safe for all ages


You can breathe easily with WoundSeal for Nosebleeds without the inconvenience and discomfort associated with removing packing or other material from your nose.


Hydrophilic Polymer, Potassium Ferrate.