Safety Lancet McKesson Fixed Depth Lancet Needle 15 mm Depth 28 Gauge Push Button

Safety Lancet McKesson Fixed Depth Lancet Needle 15 mm Depth 28 Gauge Push Button

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Product Description 

McKesson lancets provide a safe, quick, and easy solution for drawing and testing blood. The push-button design easily activates the 28-gauge micro-needle for gentle, quick and painless blood sampling. 

Due to its intuitive, 2-step operation with low firing force and no reloading, the easy-to-handle lancet requires minimum effort, but yields an impressive level of efficiency, accuracy and convenience. 

The needles are gamma-sterilized and fully covered with a protective cap to maintain sterility, safety and security. Designed for single use, the patented, self-destructing activation mechanism enhances user safety. Balancing accuracy with comfort, the electro-polished and silicone-coated needle features a high puncture speed that minimizes pain and facilitates healing. The 28-gauge lancet's optimized 1.5-millimeter needle exposure length guarantees adequate blood flow for consistent reliability. 

Choose the McKesson safety lancet for a better way to quickly — and comfortably — obtain adequate blood samples at the touch of a button.

Key Features 
  • Delivers accurate, painless blood sampling at the touch of a button for efficiency and convenience
  • Optimized needle exposure with 1.5 mm fixed depth to guarantee adequate blood flow
  • Electro-polished, silicone-coated micro-needle with high puncture speed that minimizes pain
  • Enhanced safety with sterility tab and self-destructing activation mechanism
  • Disposable design for convenient single use


Plastic, Steel


Do not use if protective cap has been previously removed from lancet. Discard used lancet into a sharps container in accordance with facility guidelines, national and state regulations.


DIRECTIONS: Twist off the protective cap and pull it straight out. Place the push-button safety lancet on the desired puncture site and press the top button to activate the device. Gently apply intermittent pressure near the puncture site to obtain the required blood volume.