Oxysept UltraCare Formula Peroxide Disinfection System 12 oz

Oxysept UltraCare Formula Peroxide Disinfection System 12 oz

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Amo ultracare disinfecting solution, neutralizing and storage system for soft contact lenses

It delivers powerful disinfection efficacy against a broad range of microorganisms. Its excellent kill rates provide patients with a high level of protection against potential microbial infection. Hydrogen peroxide is a highly effective lens care solution at killing ocular pathogens, including Acanthamoeba. Potent bactericidal and antifungal activity meets all stand-alone disinfection efficacy criteria. Superior disinfection efficacy results from prolonged exposure to 3% hydrogen peroxide before neutralization begins. Delayed neutralization ensures disinfection efficacy superior to the competition.


  • HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose)
    • Designed to retain and seal in surface moisture for enhanced comfort.
    • The viscosity and surface tension of neutralized Oxysept? solution are nearly identical to those of natural tears.
  • Easy and convenient
    • Easy to use neutralizing tablet which eliminates the risk of residual peroxide.
    • Once neutralized, the lenses are soaking in a preservative-free buffered saline solution.
  • Preservative-free formula enhances patient safety and comfort
    • Ideal for sensitive eyes. Once the solution is neutralized, your contact lenses are soaking in a preservative-free solution.
    • A natural vitamin B12 color indicator signals neutralization tablet was added.


Ultracare Sterile Disinfecting Solution: A sterile solution of micro-filtered Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (stabilized with Sodium Stannate, Sodium Nitrate and buffered with Phosphates) and Purified Water.

Ultracare Neutralizing Tablets: Catalase, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, and Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12) as a color indicator with buffering and tableting agents


  • Daily clean - Clean each of your lenses with a daily cleaner and rinse with a sterile saline solution before placing them in the appropriate basket of the lens holder.
  • Disinfect - Disinfect with Oxysept Disinfecting Solution. Fill the Oxysept Disinfecting Solution or Neutralizer Cup to the fill line with solution.
  • Neutralize - Place one neutralizing tablet into the solution before inserting the lens holder and tightening the lid. Invert the Oxysept Disinfecting Solution/Neutralizer Cup 3 consecutive times to wet the upper surface of the cup and the inside of the cap to ensure full neutralization. The Oxysept Neutralizing Tablet will color the solution pink reminding you that you have added the neutralizing tablet at the beginning of the six (6) hour soak.
  • Soak - Soak your contact lenses for a minimum of six (6) hours from the time you dropped the neutralizing tablet into the Oxysept Cup. Your disinfected contact lenses are now ready to wear.