Nature's Answer Bio-strath Liquid  8.4 oz

Nature's Answer Bio-strath Liquid 8.4 oz

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Product Description
Human digestive systems cannot break down the cell wall of the nutritional yeast, so we at Bio-Strath have one more step to complete. We stop the growth of the nutritional yeast cell, which allows the cell wall to open up in a process called plasmolysis. It allows your body to easily absorb the vital nutrients that have been digested by the yeast cells.

Key Features
100% NATURAL: Our Bio-strath is made in Switzerland with 100% natural, GMO-free ingredients. Nothing Artificial. NO lactose, NO Diary or other unnecessary additives. Kosher. Perfect for Diabetics, Vegans and Vegetarians. Naturally good for you! Based on science. Supported by clinical evidence.
SUPERIOR NUTRITIONAL FORMULA: This natural stress and fatigue formula from Switzerland is formulated with naturally nourishing ingredients of vit\amins (such as B - Complex), amino acids, minerals, Beta-Glucans, and herbs to help revitalize your health, fortify your immune system, enhance energy and improve your appetite during recovery.
ENHANCES ENERGY and FOCUS: Our extra-strength Bio-strath liquid formula may help your body manage, adapt and overcome emotional and physical stress along with a boost of naturally focused energy and vitality for mental and physical efficiency at work, home, school and in your athletic activities. Be Positive and Perform better!