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MONISTAT Complete Care Vaginal Health Test + Itch Relief 2 ea

MONISTAT Complete Care Vaginal Health Test + Itch Relief 2 ea

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Test before you treat. One swab tests for 2 factors that indicate you may have a vaginal infection that is not caused by yeast. Helps you determine whether you need to see a doctor. One step, highly accurate test provides easy to read results.

Made in Israel

Why test before you treat? Not all vaginal symptoms are yeast infections; test if you are unsure. Use this test if you have any of the following symptoms: unpleasant odor, abnormal or excessive discharge, vaginal itching or burning. Easy to read color change results: Abnormal acidity detected: If any part of the tip is stained blue or green, your vaginal acidity is abnormal. See your healthcare provider. Normal acidity detected: If entire tip remains yellow, your vaginal acidity is normal. You may have a yeast infection. If the test indicates that your discharge has normal acidity and you are experiencing symptoms of an infection, you may have a yeast infection. Instructions included.