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Dream Water NighTEA Night Sleep & Relaxation Shot 2.50 oz

Dream Water NighTEA Night Sleep & Relaxation Shot 2.50 oz

Dream Water
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Do you occasionally have trouble falling asleep? Try drinking a full bottle of Dream Water roughly 20 to 40 minutes before bedtime (although individual times may vary). Our natural sleep ingredients should help relax you, lull you to sleep and should allow you to feel refreshed in the morning. Dream Water is a natural, 0-calorie, 2.5-ounce sleep and relaxation shot featuring the unique, fast-acting SleepStat Natural Blend consisting of GABA to help reduce anxiety, Melatonin to help induce sleep, and 5-HTP to help improve the quality of sleep. Scientifically formulated and drug-free, Dream Water’s key ingredients work together to help you relax, fall asleep naturally, and wake up refreshed.

  • Natural, 0-Calorie, 2.5oz sleep and relaxation shot, helps you wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated
  • As your new bedtime and travel companion (TSA Compliant), Dream Water can help you get your Zzzs at home, on the road, or in the air
  • A Fast-Acting Liquid supplement form for better nutrient absorption, Non-Habit Forming, the Natural alternative to prescription or over-the-counter pills
  • Proprietary SleepStat Natural Blend of GABA, Melatonin, & 5-HTP is an OU Certified Kosher, Gluten Free, Liquid Sleep Aid
  • As featured on CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg, and Favorite Things, Dream Water can help you relax, promote restful sleep, and can help you wake up without the morning after grogginess