d-CON Glue Board Traps for Mice & Insects, 4 Traps

d-CON Glue Board Traps for Mice & Insects, 4 Traps

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Product Description
d-CON Glue Board Traps For Mice & Insects are pre-baited with scented glue to trap mice & insects. These professional strength ready-to-use glue boards are water-resistant, non-toxic and disposable.

The glue board may be used flat or as a covered trap. No bait is needed! Good for: mice, ants, roaches and spiders.


  • Professional strength ready-to-use glue boards.
  • Pre-baited with scented glue to trap mice & insects.
  • Water resistant board that is non-toxic & disposable.
  • Can be used as a flat or covered trap.
  • Ideal for: attics, behind appliances, basements, garages and sheds. Good for: mice, ants, roaches and spiders.

Keep out of reach of children or pets. Do not place traps where children or pets will come in contact with the adhesive. In case of accidental contact with the adhesive, clean off with mineral spirits or other appropriate cleaner.

4 Steps to Effective Home Rodent Control: An overall program to eliminate rodent and keep them from returning. Step 1: Plan and prepare: Eliminate Food Sources: Remove garbage, food, and other materials that can shelter or feed rats. Keep Rodents Out: Seal cracks and openings in building and walls where rodents can get in especially opening in walls, gaps around plumbing and fixtures, and any cracks or seams in the building's foundation. Step 2: Select the Right Product: Use d-Con concealed traps in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living rooms where traps can be safely placed. For in the attic, behind appliances, and out of reach spaces in basement, garbage, and shed, purchase d-Con baits and basic traps. Step 3: Apply Product: Always follow the usage directions on pack when setting a trap. Step 4: Monitor: Check traps frequently. If a mouse has not been caught after 5 days, move to a new area where rodents are present. Step 1: Open package and remove glue board. Step 2: Peel off release paper. Step 3: Place trap in areas (such as along walls) where rodent or insect activity is noted. Covered Trap: To use the glue board as a covered trap, fold trap along perforation and insert tab into the slot.