Brita Stream Pitcher Replacement Water Filter BPA Free,  1 ea [060258362138]

Brita Stream Pitcher Replacement Water Filter BPA Free, 1 ea

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Product description
BPA-free Brita Stream Replacement Filters are made with Filter-As-You-Pour technology so you can get filtered water 10X faster compared to the market leading pitcher system. Made with proprietary dual-layer filtration technology and containing activated carbon to reduce chlorine taste and odor., These filters deliver great-tasting water and maintain a healthy level of fluoride, an additive in water that promotes strong teeth (applies to fluoridated municipal tap water). The filters have an easy-hold grip and click button for simple insertion and removal. Change these filters every 40 gallons, about 2 months for the average family, for best performance. The innovative carbon form means no black flecks. One Stream filter can replace 300 standard 16.9 ounce water bottles. Drink cleaner, great-tasting water with Brita.

  • BPA free Brita stream pitcher replacement water filter
  • Easy insertion and removal
  • No pre soaking required
Usage Directions
Wash your hands and remove filter from bag then flush it with cold water for 15 seconds. Hand wash pitcher. Insert the filter into the filter cage with the blue ring facing up. Press filter into cage until it clicks. Install filter cage onto the lid by twisting. Add water and discard first pitcher of water to flush out system. Activate the electronic indicator. Replace the water filter every 40 gallons or change filter as directed by the electronic indicator. Do not use with hot water.