Ameda Breast Pump Dual HygieniKit 1 ea [032884162468]

Ameda Breast Pump Dual HygieniKit 1 ea

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Your breast milk is precious – make sure it stays pure and fresh for your baby!
The Ameda Dual HygieniKit Collection System ensures the purest, freshest milk for your baby by creating a hermetic barrier so no air or germs come into contact with collected breast milk during milk expression & storage. This means that expressed milk is closed-sealed from outside air and contaminants for maximum purity & optimal freshness.


  • Purest, Freshest Milk for Your Baby
  • FDA Approved
  • Best Price on Ameda



Complete System Includes:

  1. (2) 36 inch tubing
  2. 1 tubing adapter (pump connector)
  3. 2 adapter caps
  4. 2 silicone diaphragms
  5. 2 Screw-on pump bodies with breast shield and splash protection
  6. 4 white valves
  7. (2) 4 ounce/120 ml clear polycarbonate bottles
  8. 2 caps with locking rings
  9. full instructions