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Vendors Inquiry

To submit your brand for a direct partnership with Pharmapacks, please email us your product catalog in an excel format with the following fields per item

  • UPC
  • Product name
  • Wholesale price
  • MAP 
  • MSRP
  • ASINS associated with Amazon (if applicable)
  • Your best offer price

Along with the excel document, please answer the following questions in your initial email:

What is the official name of your company?
How long has your company been established?
Official Website? 
Where are you located? (City, state, zip)
Do you work with any distributors in the NY area? 
Any warehouses in the NY area?
Are your products selling on Amazon? Other sites?
How many SKUs are you carrying? 
What is your lead time from when we purchase an item to us receiving it?
Do you have EDI capability?
How did you find us? Who referred you?